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Working routine during the COVID-19 epidemic and video reviews
Hello dear members of Whale Investments! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many countries, including the United Kingdom, have declared a quarantine and self-isolation regime. We, as a responsible company, began the transition to remote work even before a nationwide quarantine was introduced and our employees, including traders, support services, programmers and other workers have been working from their homes for a long time. Work from home does not bother us in any way, and our traders and programmers give the same good results as when working in the office. Therefore, everything works in our company in a standard mode, and fortunately, all employees are healthy, which is what we wish to all our investors!
Also, a new section with video reviews from our participants has appeared on our main page. To get to our website and youtube channel, you can send your videos in any way convenient for you, our contacts can be found here. The best videos will receive cash prizes from our company, and if you like the idea, we will come up with a promotion on an ongoing basis.
By the way, the number of our participants has exceeded 70,000, and the number of payments has reached 21 million dollars! Thank you for your support, we will continue to delight you with profitable offers. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter (bell in the lower right corner of the site) to keep abreast of all important events. And if you are not with us yet - welcome! >>> REGISTRATION <<<
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