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Profitability increase up to 17%
We are pleased to present to all Whale Investments investors a new top-end tariff plan - 17% per day ($ 25001-$ 100,000). Since all trading markets are now on the rise, volumes are growing both with us and with our customers. Many new members apply for contractual conditions for investments of $ 25,000 or more. Especially for the automation of such cases, we introduce a new tariff for everyone who wants to invest up to $ 100,000. For investors with investment amounts of $ 100,000 or more, special conditions still apply, which we personally agree. For such cases, please contact us through the "Contacts" section.
Also, at the request of our partners, we have developed new advertising banners of 125 * 125 size. They are available along with other promotional materials in the "Affiliate Program" section. Soon new translations and a new banner design will be added.
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