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Automatic reinvest and change of payment details
I welcome you, dear investors of Whale Investments! We implemented the automatic reinvestment function, which was requested by many of you, as well as remove the restriction on self-changing wallets. Let's talk more about it.
Automatic reinvest is available both at the time of making new deposits, and for already existing deposits. To enable auto-reinvest when creating a new deposit, enter a number from 1 to 100 in the "Auto reinvest" field. This is the percentage that will be automatically reinvested and added to your deposit. For example, if you enter 40, then 40% of the profits will be automatically reinvested and added to your deposit, and 60% will be credited to your balance and will be available for withdrawal. If you enter 100, then 100% of the profits will be reinvested.
To enable reinvestment on an active deposit, go to the "Active deposits" section, select your deposit, and enter from 1 to 100 in the "Autoinvest" field. The following charges will already go on the new settings. Auto reinvest can be disabled at any time. For this you need to enter the number 0 in the "Autoinvest" field. 
Another feature that improves the usability for our clients is an independent change of details. Now, if you need to update your wallets, just go to the "Requisites" section and enter a new wallet instead of the old one. We have securely protected your accounts, so we can safely remove all restrictions on changing details.
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