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Acceleration of the site and a major update
Dear members of Whale Investments! Today we are launching a major update, which introduces several new features, but also seriously accelerated work of the site. As you may have noticed, recently the site was slower than usual, and this was due to our rapid growth and the emergence of a large number of new users. Recently, the number of operations exceeded 777777 units, and our team has done serious work to optimize and speed up the database of our site. Now everything works much faster, and we are ready to increase the number of participants by 450 times! And that's not all, the work to accelerate the site continues, and soon it will work even better.
Also, many participants asked us to realize the ability to disable demo operations. Now you can do this through the "Settings" section by ticking the "Hide demo currency" option. It will also remove demo bonuses from your balance, and disable receiving demo referral bonuses. You can return them back by simply unchecking the “Hide demo currency” box at any time.
Another major update - new promotional materials! Now in the "Affiliate Program" section at the bottom of the page you can see new animated banners, in the most popular sizes and in different languages (English, German and Russian). In the near future, we will add new sizes for social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and Vkontakte.
And a little more about our immediate plans! For about a week, we will connect  three new languages AT ONCE: Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese. Write to us what language you want to see next! Also the site design is preparing to update and a new secret promotion, with which you can earn even more. Thank you for choosing Whale Investments!
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