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New statistics section and other updates
Hello! Our company continues its rapid development, we are almost 20,000 participants, and our site does not stand still. We are glad to present you a new section of statistics, where you will be able to observe all the latest deposits and payments in our system in real time. Everything is absolutely transparent, and when a new operation appears, you do not even have to refresh the page, all operations are displayed instantly and without delay. Make sure all over himself: I think, for many, this section will be one of the most popular pages on our site :)
In addition to the statistics, we conducted several other small updates, for example, we added the ability to disable the display of transactions with the Demo USD currency. This will be especially useful and convenient for our partners, who are actively engaged in attracting new investors, and receive hundreds of messages about demo operations every day. Now it will be much more convenient to follow the development of your structure. Moreover, the section with the partner system has also been updated and expanded.
A number of our investment plans has also been updated. In particular, we added another plan (income 12% per day), and revised the minimum and maximum amount of deposits in other plans. Some of them have become more accessible, for example, the second plan now starts from just $ 201.
Small improvements are made by our team almost every day, and we will not write about all of them, so as not to bore you with these details. We just want you to know and see that your finances are in a safe and constantly developing place. And if you are not with us, then welcome! >>> REGISTRATION <<<
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