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Future development plans and new records
Hello! Our payments have already exceeded 2 million dollars, and deposits totaling more than 8 million! In this regard, we want to share with you the immediate development plans.
The most important thing is globalization and access to international markets. After connecting the English version of the site, we opened up to the whole world, but now we have set ourselves the task of making our site as comfortable as possible for residents of all large countries. Thus, we are already working on translating the site into Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. Next we will connect Germany, France, Vietnam, South Korea and the rest of the world.
Also, we plan to improve the usability of our mobile version of the site. Soon it will be fully adapted for small screens, both on Android and iOS. There is an idea to implement your own application, at the moment we are selecting developers and clarifying legal issues with Google Play Market and Apple app store. If we get a positive effect, and it will be really convenient for our users, we will also enter Asian application markets.
Well, of course, we will launch more contests and promotions. So, follow our news to not miss anything! >>> REGISTRATION <<<
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