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Congratulations from the team and the winners of the contest
Dear investors! Dear friends! On behalf of the entire Whale Investments team, I want to congratulate all of you on the New 2019 Year! May the festive mood always fill you, and peace, tranquility and comfort reign in your families. Health to all of your loved ones, and success in all your endeavors! And of course, financial well-being, with which we will definitely help you next year!
For this incomplete year, we have grown strongly, overcame a milestone of 5,000 participants, accepted investments of more than $ 3,000,000, and most importantly, paid our investors more than $ 1,000,000, increasing some initial deposits by a factor of 2-3 or more! We owe this success to all of you, our entire team, and thank you for your trust, support, and assistance in promoting and developing our project. Next year we set even more ambitious plans, which include entering and consolidating on the international arena, connecting new payment gateways, and many other chips, promotions and improvements, which we will tell you about in due time.
I also hurry to announce a small update on our website, namely the appearance of a page where the winners of all our promotions will be published in real time (link to the page "Promotions and Bonuses"). At the moment, these are withdrawable bonuses for registering to each 10th new member, and hourly bonuses of 100$, 50$ and 25$, which are played among all participants. In the coming days, we will announce another promotion, so stay tuned. Once again, happy holidays and good luck investing with Whale Investments! >>> REGISTRATION <<<
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