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4000 participants and $ 175 per hour for everyone!

Hurray, we have reached a new peak! Every day the project is becoming bigger and bigger, and today there are already more than 4000 of us. These are incredible friends, thank you all very much!

Also, it is time to start our second promotion, which we promised you last time. Yes, we are talking about prizes for all existing project participants! Starting today, and until January 17, 2019 (inclusive), we begin to play 3 bonuses among all investors EVERY HOUR! Bonus sizes are 25$, 50$ and 100$. Participants will be selected randomly, regardless of the availability of deposit, referrals and the date of registration. So absolutely everyone has a chance, it’s enough just to be among our users. But, it is still possible to increase the probability of your winnings.

We have developed a system to increase the chances of winning, which depends on your investment. Each contribution can increase your chances of winning at least 2 times! How it works:

Initially, all participants have equal chances, take it for 100% or one share. Every 10$ deposit (or equivalent in rubles and cryptocurrencies) increases your odds by 100% (+1 share). That is, by investing 10$, your chances of winning increase to 200% (2 shares), with deposit of 100$ to 1000% (10 shares), 1000$ to 100 shares, etc. This is 2, 10 and 100 times more, respectively. All deposits are summarized, including those that were issued before the start of the promotion. So, the more you invest, the higher your chances of winning the MORNING lottery. But even if you are unlucky with a bonus, all the same, each deposit will bring you its own profit, so that you win anyway;)

As mentioned above, the action will last a month, until January 17. And if you like everything, then maybe we will also extend it. But that's not all! As promised earlier, we have more than one contest in our arsenal, so subscribe to notifications and follow the news.

Thank you for your attention and good luck in investing with Whale Investments! >>> REGISTRATION <<<

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