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Paid bonuses for registration
Hello! On the eve of the upcoming holidays, our team has developed a whole list of promotions and contests, which we plan to fully implement in the coming month. Shares will be really a lot
Since many were interested in the possibility of withdrawing a demo bonus, we decided to implement this option. Now, every 10th new member immediately receives in his personal account a bonus from 100 rubles to $ 1000, which can be withdrawn to your wallet in the payment system! Participants will be selected in a random order, fully automatically by the system of our site. The bonus will be credited in the Payeer payment system (in RUB or USD, respectively). The bonus can be either withdrawn in full, or invested in one of the investment plans. Roughly the action will last until January 15, and may be extended or introduced on a permanent basis.
Also, the promotion is valid only for new members who have not yet registered on our website. Please do not create additional accounts yourself, these attempts will be calculated and stopped in every way.
If you have already registered in the project, do not worry! Soon we will announce our next promotions and contests, which will apply to existing participants, and the prizes will be even more valuable and interesting.
Stay with us and good luck with investing with Whale Investments! >>> Registration <<<
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