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This agreement is necessary for reading the future partners of the Whale Investments investment project

Further participation in the investment project Whale Investments means that you accept the terms of described in these "Terms and Conditions of cooperation" and acknowledge it when mark "I have read and agree to the terms of cooperation with them." This agreement sets the rules, rights and responsibilities of each partner of the project with the participation of Whale Investments. Partners must read these Terms and Conditions and accept its terms. Whale Investments project may change this agreement or some points of agreement, without prior notice or consent of his partners.

Following this Agreement is obligatory for both Parties

1. Basic terms of cooperation

1.1. A member of Whale Investments program can be any adult individual, considering such member does not violate immigration state and federal laws of the country of residence and international Laws.

1.2. Registration at the Company’s web-site and the following cooperation is a voluntary act of each Client.

1.3. Registration process is a confirmation that the Client fully accepts all conditions of the present Agreement, agrees to fulfill all obligations and vests authorities specified in the present Agreement.

1.4. All text, audio and video materials of the Web-site, as well as its design and any other information, contained at the web-site are subjects of Copyright Act and are exclusive intellectual property of the Company. Any use of any materials, logos of the program and other materials and articles will be allowed upon Company’s permission.

1.5. Information including documents, materials, opinions, published at the Web-site are exclusively advisory. The Client shall solely be responsible for the use thereof.

1.6. In case any disagreements occur between the Parties, they are to be settled by means of negotiations between the Parties until their final solution.

2. Rights, obligations and liabilities of the Client

2.1. During registration in the Whale Investments program, the Customer is obliged to fill in the registration form on the Site, specifying only the true information for further registration.

2.2. The client has the right to create on the site only one unique account. When creating a password, the Client is strongly recommended to use complex combinations of letters, symbols and digits to prevent access to his account by third-party members.

2.3. The Client invest his investment funds to the Company's program exclusively on his own initiative, voluntarily aand shall be fully responsible for consequences of his actions.

2.4. The client has the right to invite friends, acquaintances and other persons to cooperate in the program, using only legitimate means, for example, using e-mail (not SPAM), advertising in various forums and sites, as well as other activities for the development of the project, Not prohibited by the legislation of the state under the jurisdiction of which the Customer is located and not conflicting with the terms of this Agreement.

2.5. The Client should provide only true information about the program, without any verbal or written statements which affect the reputation of the Company in mass media, blogs, social networks and other means of communications.

2.6. Customer agrees not to use the contacts of the Company for other purposes, namely sending of contacts Company private advertising, information about other projects and companies, to conduct personal correspondence in order to address issues that are not related to the program or the investment process.

2.7. The Company uses the most up-to-date equipment and software, as well as the most powerful and reliable means of security available at the present day. Nevertheless, Company’s Clients are strongly recommended to ensure full safety of their personal data, authorization data and anti-virus protection of their personal computers for the purpose of protection of their funds from breaking in. It is recommended to use only the licensed anti-virus software and firewalls (inter-network screens).

2.8. In case of discovering attempts to establish unauthorized access to Client's account or e-mail, the Customer is obliged to immediately inform the Company's support service about this. The customer also has the right to contact the support service in case of any question or a difficult situation.

2.9. The Client agrees that in case he or her violates any of the provisions of the present Agreement, the Company shall have the right to apply corresponding enforcement actions on its discretion provided for each possible violation.

3. Rights, obligations and liabilities of the Company

3.1. The Company provides each Client with an option to choose unique login with attachment of his or her account in the system of the program. The Company provides the Client 24-hour access for operating and accounting system (account) from the moment of signing of the present Agreement.

3.2. The Company shall ensure the confidentiality of data as well as all information regarding operations kept in the Client’s account. Under no circumstances shall the Company transfer any confidential data to third party. The Company is not responsible should the Client fail to ensure duly protection of his or her account data or voluntary transfer any of such information to third party.

3.3. The Company ensures timely profit accrual to each participant in all directions in accordance with investment proposals, except for cases requiring suspension of the system operation and the Project Rules, in case the Client complies with all the terms of this Agreement.

3.4. The Company reserves the right to send e-mail information notifications to the Client, such as request of submission of confirming documents, news, announcements and other information on Company’s discretion.

3.5. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally amend or supplement this Agreement. About the planned changes and the date of their commissioning the Company undertakes to report on the Site or by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the Client during the registration process. In the event that the Client does not read these notifications (changes / additions), or will be ignored, the responsibility for the consequences will lie entirely with the Client.

3.6. The Company reserves the right to block Client’s account in the following cases:

a) if explicit languages is being used by the Client towards Company’s representatives;
b) if the Client allows himself negative or slander statements about the program, Company or members of the program at forums, blogs, chats and other online resources and networks;
c) if the Client creates more than one account with the program;
d) if Client’s actions aimed towards deterioration of the quality characteristics of the Web-site by use of harmful software and equipment;

4. Procedure of settlements

4.1. The profit accrual to the Company’s Clients to be made according to investment offers in automatic mode on a daily basis on business days from the moment of deposit activation.

4.2. The Profit accrual to the Client will be made to his account.

4.3. The withdrawal of funds is carried out automatically, immediately after the filing of an application for withdrawal, subject to availability of available funds on the balance in the Customer's account.

4.4. The request for withdrawal of funds is made by the Client independently through electronic payment systems supported by the Company's investment process. All costs associated with the withdrawal of funds, the system takes care of.

4.5. The Customer agrees that he will not file claims against the Company in the event of a delay in payment due to force majeure, technical malfunctions on the sites of electronic payment systems or other reasons beyond the control of the Company. The Client is aware that these factors are beyond the competence and scope of the Company's responsibility, and may also suspend the system for an indefinite period;

5. Guarantee and limited liability

5.1. Whale Investments operates in strict compliance with the laws, as well as with respect to international investment cooperation, in accordance with international law.

5.2. The company undertakes to ensure the correct operation of the site and each account.

6. Term, amendment and termination of the contract

6.1. The Agreement is considered concluded from the moment of its acceptance by the Client in accordance with clauses 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 of this Agreement and is valid for the entire duration of the existence of the Company's program.

6.2. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally amend and supplement this Agreement, without notifying the Customer of the changes made. The Client agrees that he must independently monitor all changes and additions that the Company may make to the text of this Agreement or to the content of any section of the Site. The company provides information about all the changes and additions in the "News" section of the Program website.

6.3. Any actions that will be carried out on the Company's Site after making any changes confirm the Customer's acceptance of these changes.

6.4. In cases of violation by the Customer of the terms of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to block the member's account, as well as to terminate this Agreement unilaterally without prior warning.

7. Final provisions

7.1. This Agreement in the form of an electronic document is available to all visitors and customers of the program on the official website of the Company Whale Investments in the sections "Rules" and "Registration".

7.2. The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement, signed and accepted in electronic form, has a bilateral legal force, that is, the force of the original and can not be challenged by third parties.

7.3. The Parties recognize and confirm that any cooperation of the Parties is a private transaction, the details and conditions of which can not be disclosed to third parties;

7.4. All sections of the Site of the Company are automatically correlated with this Agreement and are subject to execution by the Parties in the same manner as this Agreement.

Remember that you are involved in trust management with a certain degree of risk. Administration of the project Whale Investments does not guarantee return of your investment in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In our turn, the administration of the project is fully confident in the success of its strategy and the effectiveness of their team. Therefore, any risks associated with participation in the project Whale Investments has been minimized.

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