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  • Review from Swietyouh:

    Jun 3, 2019 08:13

    I tried all different hyips but Whale is the best of them. Now a have an active ref. structure with about 142 partners and total earning for about 6500$ and Whale withdraw ALL of them! Admins are very kind and helpfull and if you working on the result they will always paid you! So many thanks to this project! Lets go and earn some money!

  • Review from jecksenn:

    Jun 3, 2019 07:34

    Message to doroller. You can not invest through bank cards. Only online payment systems.

  • Review from Kipifa:

    Jun 2, 2019 21:39

    absolute gorgeous site, and team and all investors too!!!)

  • Review from Upiter:

    Jun 2, 2019 20:43

    Платит: 34 USD from account U17747285 Batch 263395622

  • Review from reece.cummings:

    Jun 2, 2019 19:51

    Just another routines days in Whale inv. Heres wat they do: withdrawal 0.813 Ether ($217.79) txd

  • Review from Konx:

    Jun 2, 2019 19:26

    and another payment (deposit). Status: Complete. Currency: Bitcoin (BTC) 0.0235 transaction link (edited) 22a5a9200d64770c6d65727aa555ff58c22793a45474ab03cb470f55b1db970b

  • Review from slowlearner:

    Jun 2, 2019 19:00


  • Review from Dubroviz:

    Jun 2, 2019 16:52

    A thisnk this hyip is worth to try. So heres my deposit in whale inv. 1.5 Ether ($411.20) Block:7881910

  • Review from Mickkie:

    Jun 2, 2019 14:51

    Yes its hyip but... You should be smart and make money in the moment or keep losing the opportunities. Thats all what it takes really. You just invest and risk, but potentially earn some big pile of money, or you dont invest and and guaranteed to get nothing. your choice.

  • Review from doroller:

    Jun 2, 2019 14:00

    can i invest here from visa?

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