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  • Review from Gregorniht:

    Jun 7, 2019 09:09

    it's no secret that Whale has been working for almost a year now and the fact that admins are still paying cannot but cause admiration. And here my withdrawal: 0.028 Bitcoin (BTC) hash tx SPENDING TX Spent by 71360d50d6158b8be0a956616ab6bff443721c1b91c23b64449eadfb820d05d6:12 in block #579 599

  • Review from Minor.load:

    Jun 7, 2019 08:43

    Everything is very good - the project works like a couple of months ago. The administration has a great load

  • Review from Bail40kk:

    Jun 7, 2019 08:09

    Oh my God!! I got paid !! And not just interest, and also my deposit, which I ordered earlier !! Of course I had to wait, but it was worth it! Thanks to the administration! There are simply nothing better than this project!! I will definitely invest more!

  • Review from Mikks:

    Jun 6, 2019 21:32

    it is paying!

  • Review from laura.marte:

    Jun 6, 2019 19:03

    Only through such a top service and responsible work, Whale can still show such results! I am very enthusiastic about this project and will continue to participate!

  • Review from Jeobich:

    Jun 6, 2019 18:43

    Already earned about 3500$$. So what can i say? It works!:)))

  • Review from Youngstoesterren:

    Jun 6, 2019 17:44

    My deposit +0.70 btc. Here tx hash from Blockstream. its worth that b58f444d92581fb47a82adbb9fb9926615aca8b60cb23f0b016b02582836bf74

  • Review from IIIillils:

    Jun 6, 2019 16:21

    Deposit Status: Complete 0.065 Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Review from Scherbin:

    Jun 6, 2019 15:28

    withdraw from project: Received Payment 19.5 USD from account U17747285 to account U14744628. Batch: 264143383. Memo

  • Review from Lornex:

    Jun 6, 2019 14:57

    Investment in hyip. Lets begin. 25 Ether ($5,957.25) Transaction Fee:0.00042102 Ether ($0.10) Status: Complete

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