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  • Review from Horos:

    Jun 10, 2019 09:58

    Transaction: 0.2 Ether into my wallet. greate job, Whale! 0x47f5036a45ffbdd773b104875bfbf93a3d0006f5b7602d78b7a165cf3959d0e4

  • Review from Minetosota:

    Jun 10, 2019 08:17

    Payment for two days of work: very fast, thank you: 0.0514 BTC 13bb49340411d8ca3dfe9111fc218f9f179cd8d9f6703c076b6a2dcc8936214a:1

  • Review from qashsnai:

    Jun 10, 2019 08:08

    Well, my deposit is on its way. 2 Ether ($473.28) Status: Complete tx.hash: 0x772fbf8cc22403e7ee1edcf92b86f8915d520e3a1791f4b11b96335379f5af58

  • Review from medovich:

    Jun 10, 2019 08:05

    55 дней уже здесь. работает все ещё

  • Review from BorodaiVata:

    Jun 10, 2019 07:48

    И ещё заплатили: QIWI Кошелек Withdraw to BorodaiVata from Whale-Investments + 8760 ₽ Сумма платежа8760 ₽ Комиссия0 ₽ Итого8760 ₽ ПОДРОБНЫЕ РЕКВИЗИТЫ Дата платежа10.06.2019 в 08:15 Номер квитанции 19475484537

  • Review from homnot:

    Jun 10, 2019 07:38

    Received Payment 80 USD from account U17747285 to account U12846578. Batch: 264362546

  • Review from Bobby0711:

    Jun 10, 2019 06:54

    Ich bin jetzt seit einer guten Woche dabei und habe schon mehr als 200 $Gewinn erzielt. Ich bin sehr überzeugt von dem System. Macht weiter so.

  • Review from jenecce:

    Jun 9, 2019 19:57

    I want to tell my story, which I received by investing in Whale Investments. Now I am getting a profit, which has reached the level of $ 3356 in total. But at first I invested a penny. For some time I put in small portions and received my payments, but then something happened, and the administration did not approve of my applications. I thought that was all and closed the project. A month later, I returned to him and went into my office. There were about $ 1,200 in charges that were awaiting withdrawal. Out of curiosity and without hope, I tried to withdraw this money, not counting on anything. To my surprise, there was no limit when the next day I received $ 1200 in my wallet. I instantly scored a net profit! I thanked the administration and said how I can help the project. Their response was very modest, just helping in the development of Whale, so that I began to attract investors. Now I get a daily profit and my applications are processed almost instantly. Whale is not just HYIP, it's a whole community of people who work for the common good, and I'm glad I found such a project! :)

  • Review from shinespriteinster:

    Jun 9, 2019 19:36

    greate work. fast accurals 0.164 Ethereum Withdraw batch (0xf8bf3e444d60aee96248ec694361c3930647f253be5765c6629c50d1f1db8554)

  • Review from oypsie:

    Jun 9, 2019 19:26

    Value: 0.100311041 Ether ($23.21) - my recent withdrawal from Whale inv.

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