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Adding Tether USD

Sep 24, 2019 17:36

Hello! Today, the site has earned a new currency that everyone has been waiting for - Tether USD! Read more...

Banners in all languages

Aug 23, 2019 15:27

Dear Whale Investments Partners! From today, all advertising materials from the "Affiliate Program" section are available in all languages of our site.


Profitability increase up to 17%

Aug 19, 2019 15:34

We are pleased to present to all Whale Investments investors a new top-end tariff plan - 17% per day ($ 25001-$ 100,000). Read more...

Profitability calculator and detailed documentation

Aug 1, 2019 07:29

Hello! Our company continues its development, and this time the changes affected the design of our site. Read more...

Adding EURO and design update

Jul 2, 2019 15:50

We present you the next update of our site! This time we didn’t just connect a new payment system, but introduced a new currency on our website. Read more...

Reducing the minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoin

Jun 23, 2019 16:55

We do everything so that participation in our program is accessible to the widest possible number of investors. Due to the prolonged increase in the price of Bitcoin, we decided to reduce the size of the minimum amount of replenishment and withdrawal in this currency. Read more...

Adding of Bitcoin Cash

Jun 12, 2019 10:20

Hello! Today is another update, and this time it is the connection of a new payment system - Bitcoin Cash! Now you can make deposits and receive payments in BCH, without conversions into other currencies. Read more...

Automatic reinvest and change of payment details

Jun 6, 2019 14:20

I welcome you, dear investors of Whale Investments! We implemented the automatic reinvestment function, which was requested by many of you, as well as remove the restriction on self-changing wallets. Let's talk more about it. Read more...

3 new languages!

May 30, 2019 04:38

Hello! Today's news is short, but the update is solid. We have already added 3 new language versions of the site: Turkish, Vietnamese and Spanish!

Acceleration of the site and a major update

May 14, 2019 10:39

Dear members of Whale Investments! Today we are launching a major update, which introduces several new features, but also seriously accelerated work of the site.

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