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To increase the impact on the market and accelerate the growth of our capital, we have launched this Fund, in which the profit is distributed in the ratio of 80/20 (80% to investors, 20% to us). This distribution we will support in the first stage, in the future, the percentage of profit is planned to be reduced. At the moment we offer the following options for participation in our Fund:

All invested funds are equally involved in the work of our traders, and deposits at the first rate are as reliable as the Deposit at the fourth. The only difference is in the distribution of profits. Because larger means we want to work, the percentage of them we pay higher.

Each tariff provides daily accrual of profit, with the ability to apply for withdrawal at any time. Payments are made daily, without holidays and weekends.

Each tariff provides a refund of the Deposit. You can request a refund any day from the date of the first charge.

Terms of tariffs are not limited. You will receive your percentage of the profits as long as you do not request your Deposit on the conclusion.

In the future, interest rates are planned to be lowered. If you managed to make a Deposit at a higher rate, you will receive it until you close the Deposit yourself.

Also in our Fund the partner program, details on the link is provided.

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