Affiliate program | Whale Investments

Access to the affiliate program is open to each participant of Whale Investments. The program provides 3 levels, each of which is charged from the profit of the invited partner. For example, your invited partner invested $1000 and gets $100 each day. You will receive 10% of all charges, that is $10 every day until your partner wants to withdraw the Deposit. Thus, our affiliate program allows you to receive a long-term daily income, not just a one-time reward. The more your network of partners, the more your earnings.

Reward percentage for each of the three levels:

1 level referral 10%

2 level referral 3%

3 level referral 1%

Also in our program provides a level of "representative" with increased interest rates. To get this status, you must have a contribution to the Fund and leave a request with the theme "Representative". Our contacts are here.

Percentage of remuneration for each of the three levels for participants with the status of "Representative":

1 level referral 20%

2 level referral 5%

3 level referral 3%

Affiliate Commission is charged instantly and immediately available for withdrawal. We provide high-quality advertising materials and teach effective search for new partners. This is an ideal job in which you will find a free schedule, access to salary at any time, and unlimited income, which depends on you, and the average is $1500-10000 per month. If you are interested in passive income, read about our investment program here.

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