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Looking for a safe place to invest?

You found him! You can forget about the jumps in exchange rates and crypto-coins, the riskiness of ICO and startups, and the meager profitability in banks, which does not cover even the growth of prices for products or gasoline. With Whale Investments you will earn Bank annual interest in 1-2 days, and at the same time you will be able to sleep peacefully, without worrying about the growth or fall of rates. We will provide you with a stable lifetime income, which you can expect in a month or a year!

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Why should I join?

  • Guarantee income

    In margin trading, we are the so-called "whale". Due to the combined large capital we influence the market, and move the course in the direction in which we need. And leverage allows you to squeeze hundreds of thousands of dollars out of it every day without any risk.

  • Lifetime participation

    You just need to invest once to receive interest on your Deposit every day without time limits! The payment of work according to the example of the pension system, but instead of the miserable handouts, You will be able to generate decent passive income.

  • Withdraw your deposit at any moment

    Your deposit is not frozen, and is available for withdrawal even after one charge. The accruals and withdrawals are made daily, without holidays and weekends. You can always count on your money.

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Investor reviews

Banktikos write:

ДЕПОЗИТ (РЕИНВЕСТ) В ЛЕГЕНДУ 1300.00 USD to account U17747285 from U155---. Batch: 254835782

1rstBy write:

3000 eur came today. Happy withdrawal with Whale))) Date: 28.08.2019 12:17:49 ID: 850012841 Details: P1005723924 → P167384238 Amount: 3000.05 EUR Comment: Withdraw to 1rstBy from Whale-Investments

yhuels write:

0x6453d750ef1a990edc08084e714bcb58dcdf4c5abfc9e737d4d874b57713726e 7861707 5 mins ago 0x5aa84ad7414d3ce5dc8c04dca18932dcf1c25624 0x619a457427eedbdba1864b3bdff630de5b76c516 0.465 Ether 0.00042

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